Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lake Huron Presbytery flips pro-LGBT

For the second time in just a few days, a presbytery which previously voted anti-LGBT in 2001-2 has flipped its vote and has now voted pro-equality.

Lake Huron stats:
2001-2 01-A: 42 yes, 64 no --> 39.6% YES
2009 08-B: 43 yes, 32 no --> 57.3% YES

This is an 18% pro-LGBT shift in just 7 years, which is fantastic. And it's also in another "under 40%" presbytery that I wouldn't have expected to flip very easily this year.

If you're working in a presbytery and you aren't sure what to do to advocate for yes-on-08-B, maybe get on the phone to a pro-LGBT supporter at these presbyteries (Western North Carolina and now Lake Huron, both of which flipped) and ask them for tips. But first download and read MLP's "yes" resource kit from mlp.org, of course.