Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Excellent pro-LGBT shift from St. Andrew presbytery

It appears that St. Andrew Presbytery voted on 08-B very recently, and although 08-B didn't pass there, the pro-LGBT shift is very high:

2001-2 01-A: 11 yes, 86 no --> 11.3% YES
2009 08-B: 30 yes, 50 no --> 37.5% YES

This is a 26% pro-LGBT shift in just 7 years, the largest shift we've seen in any presbytery so far. They nearly tripled the number of people voting for equality. And it's one of a few presbyteries with previous LGBT support under 30% which has shifted in a pro-LGBT direction. Many of the under-30% presbyteries have been shifting anti-LGBT when we compare 2001-2 to 2009.

So in terms of "largest pro-LGBT shift in a presbytery vote", Saint Andrew is presently in the lead. Nice job.