Saturday, May 30, 2009

Welcome to the site

View 08-B voting results here.

This site provides vote-tracking information and some analysis and commentary on PCUSA (Presbyterian Church USA) proposed amendment 08-B, originally known as the Boston Ordination Equality Overture, which would remove the "don't ask, don't tell" anti-gay policy which is presently written into the PCUSA constitution. The anti-gay policy is section G-6.0106b of the Presbyterian Book of Order, so amendments like 08-B are often called "delete-b" amendments. Amendment 08-B is an LGBT equality overture which seeks to remove systemic discrimination from the official Presbyterian rulebook.

This web site also maintains a tracking and information spreadsheet about ongoing 08-B votes, which compares presbytery votes on the previous delete-b effort "01-A" in 2001-2, to presbytery votes on 08-B this year. To my knowledge, no other 08-B tracking site provides this sort of clear comparison of vote percentages.

For additional news about LGBT equality efforts within the PCUSA, see the More Light Presbyterians (MLP) web site. You can also read MLP's press release and announcement when 08-B was originally passed at the national (General Assembly) level.

This site is maintained by Bruce Hahne, a PCUSA member who lives in California. All notes and commentary posted here are my own, and this site is maintained independently of other organizations' web sites.